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Meet Dojo Hero
Meet Dojo Hero
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    Over 1500 Martial Arts School Owners
    Just Like You LOVE Using Dojo Hero

    Over 1500 Martial Arts School Owners
    Just Like You LOVE Using Dojo Hero

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    No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

    My name is Tony Giannini, and this is the story of Dojo Hero. It started as my attempt to SURVIVE.
    Now, it's helped over 1500 schools worldwide grow and flourish like never before.
      1. THE OLD DAYS

     My name is Tony Giannini, and I used   
     to feel like I was barely hanging on to  
     my kids program.

     It was like pouring water into a bucket   
     with holes.

     I'd get new kids in… and then just as 
     many would pour out. But what was  
     causing it?

     Why couldn't I just retain these 

     The frustration sets in....


     2. THE "AHA" MOMENT

     And then it hit me.

     My training (and probably yours too)   
     was HARD. 

    Fun wasn't the goal.

     That worked for me and you… But  
     today's kids are DIFFERENT.

     Parents aren't looking for "Rocky"  
     style training anymore.

     They want their kids to have FUN, to   
     grow, and to develop great character.


     Finally, I created an amazing program  
     for TODAY'S youth...

     But I never stopped creating great 
     students who truly mastered my art.

     Actually, my students were getting 
     better, FASTER. And kids STOPPED  
     quitting. Period.

     Finally, my school became as lucrative  
     & fun as I knew it could be.

     Now I also get to share my "secrets" 
     to success with you & other school 
     owners, too.

    Dojo Hero Gives You Everything 
    You Need To Succeed

    All The Products You Need In One Library!

    AI Powered Marketing System

    Over 3000 Amazing Drills Any Style Can Instantly Add
    Age Specific Class Plans Done For You Everyday Of The Year
    Age Specific Class Plans Done For You Everyday Of The Year
    A Complete Personal Development Platform
    100's Of Clean Music Mixes You Can Stream Instantly
    Grab These Amazing Coloring Pages For Boys and Girls
    100's Of Graphics Used To Communicate Professionally 
    A Complete Done You You Marketing/Ads Platform
    Turn Your Lobby Into A Selling Machine With Lobby Casting
    Make More Money By Following Our PNO Profit System
    A Complete Program for 3-5 Year Olds. Drills, Marketing & More

    Try Dojo Hero Today For Free And 
    Experience The Awesomeness For Yourself

    No Contracts • Cancel Anytime


    Imagine if every time kids left your class, they went right to mom and dad…

    … and practically SCREAMED their ears off about how much they LOVED it.

    Would those parents ever even THINK about quitting?

    Not only that... wouldn't they brag about it to everyone they know?

    That's the power of Dojo Hero Drills. They breathe life, fun, energy, and excitement into your classes.

    As a result, kids LOVE them, and build discipline, strength, and focus too.

    And as a result of that - parents couldn't be happier, leading to WAY higher retention & referrals.

    Makes sense, right?
    "The asking price is small for such a large number of GREAT drills and other content that is worth its weight in GOLD." ~ Paul Manili, School Owner
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